Let’s Go For A Walk!

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How many of you out there take your dog on a nice long walk each day?  A lot of us do!  But, I am certain there are a bunch of you who dread walking your dog.  It’s understandable but let’s talk about some of the benefits in taking your furry animal for a walk.

  1. Physical exercise: Walks provide physical activity, which helps dogs maintain a healthy weight and keep their muscles strong.  It is also good for you too!
  2. Mental stimulation: Walks provide mental stimulation, which helps prevent boredom and keeps dogs mentally engaged.
  3. Bonding: Walks are a great opportunity for owners to bond with their dogs, which can improve the overall relationship between them.
  4. Potty breaks: Walks provide dogs with the opportunity to relieve themselves, reducing the likelihood of accidents indoors.  (Remember to take with you some poop bags!)
  5. Socialization: Walks give dogs the opportunity to interact with other dogs and people, which can help them become more well-adjusted and socialized.


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