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Chewy at the Dog Run

We took Chewy to the dog run the other day just to get him to start socializing with other dogs AND to give him some badly needed exercise. Here's a video of Chewy playing chase with another dog. He loved it!!

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Perla found a forever home

Last Saturday was a very emotional day in our home, Perla was leaving us. We were so happy for Perla and her new mom Abigail but selfishly we didn't want to let our little foster go, we had fallen in love with her cute face and spunky attitude. We made Abigail promise to give us updates and send occasional pictures, and have FaceTime play dates, she was happy with this arrangement, an open puppy adoption.


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Just a Normal Night for Perla

Perla is a very chill dog and she just loves to relax on the couch with us and eat her bone. Here are a few videos we shot tonight of Perla lounging around.

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Oh Perla!

Perla came to us as a very scared and timid puppy. Over the course of the past few weeks, Perla has become a very playful, confident and silly puppy who LOVES to chase our cat. She has become best friends with Chewy. They are constantly play tugawar and there is always a wrestling match somewhere in our living room.

In our house, we have a little strawberry house that Bella (our other dog) likes to chill in. Well, the pups took over the strawberry and they now go inside it together to chew their treats and bones.

Here's a photos of Perla just lounging around in the strawberry. This is quite normal for her now. She's the boss around here sometimes.



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We Play Hard. We Sleep Hard

In this household, all of our fosters and pets have a great time. They chase each other around. There are usually a few wrestling matches during the day. They play a game of Tag with the cat... the puppies love that game, i'm not too sure if our cat enjoys it too much. Bella is always being watchful of the events but sometimes it gets a bit too much for her so she has to come down and "regulate". The puppies love to play tug-a-war with their toys. There's a lot that goes on in this house. Sometimes it's just too exhausting for everyone. Here are a few photos of our household.




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Perla Playing Fetch

The other night I took this video of Perla playing fetch.  She's really good at chasing after and retrieving her red toy.

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All About Perla

Perla has now been with us for a week and it has been quite a joy getting to know her and watching her interact with our other dogs and cat.  Perla came to us as a very shy and timid puppy.  She did not like being outside and she definitely didn't want to go for walks.  We took it very slow with Perla to ensure that she gained our trust first.  Here are a few things we've learned about Perla and these are the things that her future family should know about her.

  • She knows how to sit when you say "sit"
  • She is wee-wee pad trained and will go to the bathroom outside
  • She is a lap dog
  • She loves to cuddle and gives kisses
  • When she sees people she is unfamiliar with, she will bark at them.
  • She will bark when she hears someone at the door
  • She loves treats and she is very trainable
  • She interacts well with other pets (dogs and cats)
  • She is crate trained but she whines a little bit at night

DSC_0006 DSC_0008

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Chewy, Perla and Bella

This is what post dinner time looks like in this crazy, sometimes lazy apartment


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A Nice Day At the Park

The other day our friend Emily came by to help us with walking the dogs.  We also had a special doggie guest who we watched for the day.  He is the white english bulldog pictured below.  His name is Thor, 4 month old puppy.  It was a great day for a group walk. The weather was perfect.  All of our dogs enjoyed the freedom of running on the grass and getting some sun.  In the picture below, we have Thor by Emily's feet.  And then we have Bella on the left, Chewy in the middle and Perla on Missy's lap.



The picture below is of Perla just relaxing. She is truly a lap dog.  And, we are happy to say that she is starting to get over her fear of going for walks. She actually ran with the other dogs in the park.  She's up for adoption at Eve's Sanctuary.



Here are a few other photos of the dogs just relaxing.


This is a photo of Thor needing a break from all the walking and running.


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Chewy’s Impromptu Photo Shoot

The other night while we were watching tv, we saw that Chewy got on our couch and started to chew on his bone on top of a blanket.  I immediately grabbed the camera and started to take his pictures.  He took the photo shoot in good stride and really knew how to work the camera.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0007 DSC_0009 DSC_0011

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