What is your philosophy on fostering?
I believe in the following…

  • fostering enables me to provide a safe and secure environment for a dog in search for a forever home
  • fostering enables me to provide the necessary love and care for a dog
  • lastly, fostering enables me to have a dog(s) in our home and give them as many treats as possible!

Do you have a dog?
Currently, I don’t have a dog of my own.  I had a rescue dog by the name of Chubby. She was a Bichon Frise who came from Stray From The Heart.  We named her Chubby because she was 30 lbs – very over-weight!  Over the next 2 years, we gave her a very good diet and lots of exercise.  She enjoyed carrots and lettuce as a part of her diet.  We got her weight down to about 19 lbs.  We always joked that Chubby was totally ready for the beach with her beach body.  She did see the beach when we went down to Virginia Beach one summer.  With a lighter body, she was able to run and jump like a young pup.  In addition to the weight issue, she was always battling allergies and she had a bout with bladder cancer.  The cancer was taken out in 2007.  She was cancer-free for the next 2 years until 2010.  In early April of 2010, her cancer came back and she passed away.  Rest in peace Chubby.

Why don’t you adopt one of the dogs?
This is a good question and I don’t have a clear cut answer to it. But, what I can tell you at the moment is that I believe my time and energy is probably better spent helping rescue organizations with housing and taking care of foster dogs.  There are so many dogs that need a temporary home.  My wife and I are fortunate to have a good size home.  The most logical choice is to open our home to these dogs in hopes that they become comfortable and happy.

How many dogs do you foster at a time?
At the moment, we are fostering one dog.  We may take on two but we will see.

Which organization do you foster with?
We are officially signed up to foster with Eve’s Sanctuary and the Greater New York Bichon Frise Fanciers Rescue Group.

How can I meet your foster dog(s)?
On the home page of the Doggie Notebook, I have a mini fostering section.  There’s a link to the rescue organization’s website.  Please contact them to set up an appointment.

How did you get into fostering?
It’s a simple process.  I contacted a rescue group, filled out some paper, said pretty please and the rest is history!

Are you afraid that you’ll have that special bond with a foster dog and can’t let it go?
This is a question I get a lot.  Yes, there is always that chance that my wife and I may fall madly in love with one of our foster dogs.  If that happens, then that’s perfectly fine.  BUT, we must remember our sole mission.  The mission and purpose of why we do what we do is to give these dogs a safe environment and to find them a loving home.  We must be focus on that mission in order to succeed.

Is taking care of dogs your full-time job?
Nope!  By day, I spend my time my time staying awake at my corporate job.  By trade, I’m a web developer/architect.  In other words, I make websites.  Outside of the job, I just hang with the dogs and live life.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a foster parent?
Great question!  Well, so far, the biggest challenge is getting the dog to pee and poop on the wee-wee pad.  Besides that, fostering is a cinch!

I have/know of a dog that needs to be fostered. Would you be interested?
Please contact me at hello@doggienotebook.com and we can discuss.

How can I help you?
Believe it or not, this question has been posed to me numerous times since I started Doggie Notebook a few weeks ago.  I’m so grateful for all of my readers and how they are so interested in this blog.  If you really want to help… you can do the following.

  • Visit the blog often and  “Like” us on Facebook.
  • Leave comments, advice, stories.  Feedback from readers is always appreciated!
  • Spread the word about the blog.  The more people that know about the dogs on this blog, the better chance someone may want to adopt!
  • Give a donation to any of the groups located on the Doggie Notebook homepage.